Watermelon Obsidian 3-web

Inspired by the view out of an airplane window while flying to Ecuador, the scene observed was the most sublime act of nature I have ever witnessed. Layers of multi-colored clouds created textures that stretched for miles vertically, with lightening rippling out from the core of the formation at rhythmic intervals.

That day, I had reluctantly altered my course of travel, but that change allowed me to witness this once in a lifetime display of nature—ultimately inspiring me to execute these multi-dimensional paintings that represent the parallel timelines of the day.


Two photographs are being exhibited at the Carnegie Visual and Performing Arts Center as part of the 2012 regional photo competition. These photos are available for purchase in a variety of sizes directly from Chad Marchese Fine Art or if you are in the area stop by and experience them in the gallery setting. Check out my photo gallery on facebook for some other available photographs


DETOX - 24”x 10.5” (Available Sizes: Large 36”x 15.75, Medium 24” x 10.5” and Small 16”x 7”)

TRANSCEND 3 at The Hyatt Regency


Transcend 3, commissioned for the Hyatt Regency in Wichita, is now on display in its permanent home.
Inset in an amazing wall of millwork, this painting is a focal point of the hotels public space.

VAPOR 13 at DoubleTree by Hilton


Vapor 13 commissioned work installed at the DoubleTree by Hilton in Silverspring, Maryland (DC area).
Residing adjacent to the Twisted Willow restaurant, this seven foot monolithic piece was intended to sit
directly on the floor. the installers at the hotel apparently had a different plan.