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Throughout my career, most of my inspiration has been stimulated by
the recall of dreams. To maintain that subconscious methodology,
I often rely on spontaneous exploration to execute art in the moment.
My unique style of abstract art combines elements of expressionism,
surrealism, and postimpressionism to create otherworldly experiences
through both oil painting and photography. 

As a commissionable fine artist, I’ve expanded my body of work
with paintings for personal collections, corporate clients, hospitals
as well as nationally recognized hotels. 


Chad Marchese is a visionary and multi-talented artist, where oil painting
and photography are a counter balance to his graphic design profession.
He studied art and design at The School of Visual Arts in New York City,
where he received a Bachelors of Fine Art and developed a passion for
abstract oil painting and photography. Chad’s paintings are masterfully
structured with layer upon layer of exploration creating texture and depth.
His photography is introspective and multi-dimensional, capturing unique
perspectives in the moment and details of the world often overlooked.